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Retirement Services Office

We serve Military Retirees

The Military Retirement Services Office (RSO) is staffed with volunteers made up of retired service members from various branches of the U.S. Armed Services. We provide information assistance to military retirees about pay, benefits, TRICARE®, and SBP.  RSO is now offering Notary Service for Military Retirees and their spouses.

RSO offers a unique product to a fixed set of clients in accordance with Army Regulation 600-8-7. RSO is responsible for providing:

•           Preretirement Planning and Counseling for Soldiers and their Spouses of all components;

•           Retirement Application Packets (compiling, review and submission) for Soldiers of all components, as well as, service members from all military branches;

•           Survivor Benefit Briefing;

•           Counseling and election paperwork for Soldiers of all components and their spouses;

•           Survivor Benefit Counseling and election to Spouses of Fallen Soldiers;

•           Postretirement updates to all services as to benefits available, as well as, updates to previously submitted paperwork as situations dictate;

•           Counseling and benefit updates to surviving spouses of all services, to include updates as situations dictate;

To a Population of 33,000 retirees across 17 Pennsylvania Counties, as well as, any Active Component/Reserve Component/National Guard Soldiers.

We also host briefings throughout the year and invite you to come and learn more about your benefits. Bookmark this site and check in often to see dates and times of the next event.

ID Card Services

The ID center is located in the new Visitor’s Center, just to the right of the main gate.

Appointments for ID cards may be made online or by contacting your nearest DEERS ID Office at (570) 615-7409

Dependent ID cards may be renewed 60 days prior to their expiration date. Sponsors must accompany their dependents when they require renewal of their ID cards. If the sponsor is unable to be present, the dependent will need to provide a power of attorney. Two valid forms of identification are required such as a military ID, driver’s license, original Social Security card, original birth certificate, U.S. passport, and voter’s registration.